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Brown Estate is a private family-owned & -operated vineyard & winery located in the eastern hills of Napa Valley.

We are a California Certified Organic Farmer.


+ 1 family, 2 generations, 3 siblings
+ 35 years in the Napa Valley
+ 43 vineyard acres
+ 450 wilderness acres
+ 20 vintages of Brown Zin
+ 10 years of Chaos Theory

We Grow:

+ Zinfandel {5 blocks, 25 acres}

+ Cabernet Sauvignon {3 blocks, 9 acres}

+ Chardonnay {1 block, 3 acres}

+ Petite Sirah {1 block, 3 acres}

+ Primitivo {1 block, 2 acres}

+ Tempranillo {1 bock, 1 acre}

Chiles Valley Zinfandel Block
At the center of our property.

Land & Winemaking

Organically farmed vineyards

Irrigation and frost protection systems 90% gravity fed

90/10 vineyard-to-forest ratio with healthy surrounding natural ecosystem

Annual winterization minimizes erosion

Gentle treatment, minimal handling of fruit results in truest expression of terroir & vintage

David hand selects a variety of barrels from both French & American coopers to achieve the most sophisticated barrel aging results, matching fruit to wood & toast

7000-s.f. Subterranean Cave
Drilled and blasted into a solid granite hillside over the course of one year, 2004-2005.

1500-gal. Custom Steel Tanks
Inside the cave.

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Deneen, Coral & David Brown


For more information visit our website or email